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    Wavy Concrete Soap Dish

    Our handcrafted wavy concrete soap dish is a modern take on the traditional soap dish and is an effortlessly stylish way for holding bars of soap and kitchen or face sponges. This soap dish is designed with deep grooves and sits on a slight incline to help drain excess soap and water, which helps keep bars of soap and sponges dry. To ensure longevity, each soap dish is finished with an eco-friendly sealant.

    Dimensions: 4.25" (length) x 2.5" (width) x 1" (height)

    ✔ Drainage hole
    ✔ Non-toxic food-grade sealer
    ✔ Non-porous
    ✔ Made in Canada

    SoQi products are individually and sustainably handmade. Each one will vary due to the nature of concrete.